Tom Burgdorf's

Super Staff Seminars

(Starting MaY 2019)

With over 150 seminars conducted across the country, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and ability to motivate and inspire your staff. 

3 Types of Seminars Available

Private - Your gym only. 8 hours per day for various groups of your staff. Customizable to fit your needs. Work with Tom to create a seminar that will help impact your business in the best way possible.

Multi Gym - Host a seminar and invite additional gyms to share the costs of the seminar. 

Multi Gym Specific Staff Seminars - Work with Tom as a host of a 5 hour seminar concentrating on a specific segment of staff emplyees. (Example - Office Staff Only or Owners Only or Teaching Staff Only)

Samples Of Seminar Content

Office Staff Section

(2 Hours)

Better selling techniques on the phone, professionalism in dealing with customers, being energetic, selling techniques at the counter, handling problem customers, promoting the profit making activities at the gym, managing customers, creating a positive atmosphere in the lobby and parents area, organizing the office area and much, much more.

All Staff Section

(2 Hours)

Being a team, the gym is a business, selling profit making gym activities to the students and parents, creating relationships with the customers, gossiping hurts, importance of staff meetings, your work ethic, the importance of impressing others, becoming more valuable to your bosses, the children and parents are very disappointed when you miss a regular class and get a sub, looking good when you work matters, managing yourself, being responsible, deadlines matter, and much, much more.

Teaching Staff Section

(2 Hours)

Gaining the trust of the parents, motivating the class students, safety, enthusiasm in class, the importance of starting and ending the classes on time, selling the parents on the importance of summer classes and summer camp, being positive, the importance of establishing a positive relationship with the parents, building confidence in the children, and much, much more.

Owners/Program Directors Section

(2 Hours)

Managing difficult staff, making more money, inspiring staff to give 100%, hiring the right people, handling unmotivated staff, increasing enrollment, delegating, managing the facility, handling difficult customers, managing team parents, setting a reasonable work schedule and much, much more.

Seminar Host Gyms

Contact Tom if you are interested in hosting a seminar in your gym. Host gym should be able to seat 10 - 50 attendees. Host gym agrees to help publicize the seminar through e-mails, phone calls and social media. E-Mail Tom your interest in being considered a seminar host. 

Dates are limited. Contact Tom as soon as possible.

Deposit - A $200 deposit is required to hold a date.

Seminar Pricing

Private (1 Gym) (Unlimited Staff)  (8 hours) $1200 + expenses (Hotel/transportation)

Semi Private (2 - 3 Gyms) (Unlimited Staff) (8 hours) (Split $1200 + expenses (Hotel/transportation)

Multi Gyms (4+ Gyms)((Unlimited Staff) (8 hours) $399 per gym. (No expenses charged)


Add Ons:

Team Gymnasts Section - 1 1/2 hours ($150) - "Are You Coachable"

Team Parents Section - 1 1/2 hours ($150) - Being an Asset to the Program.


E - Mail Tom at for potential dates or call him at 636 352 3935.